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Common Home-Buying issues with Couples


Did you know that 66%  of millennial and Gen X couples say they disagreed occasionally, frequently, or “a lot” when buying a house with their partner or spouse? Information according to a new survey release by LendingHome says they  surveyed 514 adults ages 25 to 45 who were in a relationship (engaged, married, or domestic partnerships) and purchasing a home within the past year.

According to the research couples who have been together a longer time tend to be more harmonious in the home-buying process. But couples who have been together 5+ years disagreed frequently. Interestingly couples who have been together for four years or less disagreed twice as much.

Disagreements topics included per the survey:

  • level of debt to take on 49%
  • the style of home to purchase 46%
  • size of house 45%
  • whether or not to buy a house in need of renovation 43%

Gender differences showed:

  • Women tend  to prefer traditional, cozy homes in the suburbs.
  • Men, tend to prefer more modern homes in urban settings.

Samantha Burns, The Millennial Love Expert a licensed couples therapist and dating coach in Boston says, “buying a home together is more than playing house and making Pinterest boards of dream kitchens and it’s a serious commitment with enormous financial implications.”
In searching for a new home buyers should get clear on your wants versus need are. Make a list of firm deal breakers and analyze the pros and cons. When getting on the same page at the beginning, you’ll be able to minimize conflict throughout your home search.

Lastly, 60% of couples surveyed said their disagreements when buying a home didn’t matter in the end. In fact, more than 50%  of couples said they felt more committed to the relationship after purchasing the house. Great news!

Final thoughts… hiring a professional realtor can help make a big difference because we have the skills to point out the “big deal” stuff,  so you don’t get in over your head like the Tom Hanks movie “Money Pit”


Source: RealtorMag

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